World Wide Drone

DROHUB is your one-stop ANAFI Parrot Command and Control suite.
Real time field operations from your Phone, PC or TV.


Connect your Control Room and Specialists together to the field

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Low latency Live Video

Team conference with the pilot without any delay or apps. Broadcast drone video with (<1s) latency to your organization, from your phone to browsers anywhere in the world.

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Automatic Live Video Recording

DROHUB has you covered even if you lose your drone or immediate analisys is required. All DROHUB enabled flights are recorded and available while the flight is on-going.

Remote control

Command center Flight Control

Track, Record Videos or Take Pictures. All from an internet browser while beeing a million miles away from your device.

Remote control

Plug & Fly

No pre-setup of drone required. The Android Pilot App automatically adds your drone to the subscription and all the accounts in your organization are able to connect to it.

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User groups and roles

Have the right person in command. Different users have different roles while collaborating with a device. Assign Guests, Pilots or SuperUsers according to the situation.

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Guest Account

Share your flight with a guest safely. Authorize limited access to the video and media assets while not compromising drone command.

Subscription Plans and Pricing

Choose the plan that best suites you. You can upgrade or downgrade at any time.

Currently all plans are free as a BETA test is ongoing. Feedback is appreciated

  • FREE
  • €0
  • Demo account
  • 10 Minutes Live Video per Month
  • 2 Users Per Subscription
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  • €29
  • Per Month
  • 60 Minutes Live Video per Month
  • 4 Users per Subscription
  • 1 Feature Request vote
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  • PRO
  • €64
  • Per Month
  • 120 Minutes Live Video per Month
  • 8 Users per Subscription
  • 4 Feature Request vote
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